Are you eating it? Or is it eating you?      
Larry Cohen


The cornerstone of complete heart health is a holistic approach to nutrition, fitness and mental strength. In a nutshell, this requires a lifestyle change that embodies a healthy, low-calorie diet, upholding regular exercise and reducing circumstances that cause stress.


Focused on addressing all eating regimes and nutritional concerns, we offer a complementary service that looks at how what you eat directly affects your cardiovascular well-being. Understanding that diet is not necessarily about losing weight, but about consuming the right foods, our nutritional specialists can help recommend an eating plan, healthy for you.


Why, you may ask is exercise so important for a healthy heart? The answer is simple. Cardiovascular exercise increases your body’s need for oxygen. As the speed at which your heart pumps blood intensifies, your heart rate also rises. Over time, these short-term increases in heart rate train your heart to more efficiently pump blood, with less strain on your body.

Mental Strength

Under the auspice of Louise Diesel, behavioural specialist and trained Demartini Method® Facilitator, you will benefit from ways in which to manage your emotions, neutralise stress and guilt, resolve conflict, clarify your purpose, optimise your potential, and ultimately reduce factors impacting the wellness of your heart.


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